Kruger Park

I had a great trip to the Kruger National Park during the last two weeks in August.  I have just started looking at the pics taken.  These first few were taken just after sunrise a few hundred meters away from the gates of Satara Camp.  We had a great half hour watching the herd of approx 200 Cape Buffalo kicking up dust. 

Cape Buffalo, Satara, Kruger National Park.

Cape Buffalo, Satara, Kruger National Park

Hard Cape Buffalo, Satara, Kruger National Park

Heads down

Buffalo & dust

Safety in numbers

iR - Big Sky


A few flower snaps.  I took these with back light via a window and reflector to push light onto the subject.  


Leek flower case

Double exposure.

Skomer Trip

A few pics taken on Skomer and around Marloes.

St. Brides

Skomer Blue Belles

Marloes Sands

Marloes Sands

St Brides Chapel

Garden birds.

Couple of pics of garden birds.  Taken from my office.

Robin.  Canon 6D, 100-400mm, f6.1, 1/400s, iso 640

blue tit. Canon 6d, 100-400mm, f6.1, 1/400s, iso 640

Donington Park

Had a go a taking some car pics at Classic Car Weekend at Donington Race Track.  Manage to get a few sharpish shoots.


Had a morning on Marloes Sands, lovely sunny day and nobody else on the beach.  Fab.

Marloes Sands

Musselwick Beach, Marloes, moss

Marloes Sands, ripples.

Musselwick beach

Marloes Sands

Marloes look out point

Good Friday Walk to Wilson

Quick walk to Wilson and pint in the Bulls Head and a couple of snaps along the way.  Great to see the sun again.

The most photographed tree in Melbourne.   

Sunny Day at Calke Park

Lovely sunning day so went for a walk in Calke Park, Ticknall.  I took a few pics with my IR converted SLR.



Frame from old information board, Calke Park.

One of the great trees at Calke.  The oldest tree in the park is believed to by over 1000 years old

Derby Walk - Melbourne Photographic Soc

Last night I went to a Melbourne Photo Soc meet in Derby.  We meet up to take some shoots around the Cathedral and surrounding streets.   Due to the overcast sky and flat light we spent a fair amount of time complaining about the quality of the light, it must be that the old proverb is ture:

if more than two photographers gather to take photos they must past comment on the poor light

I guess it's like farmers complaining the weathers' not right.

 My best shoots came right at the start of evening and right at the end.  The starting pic was taken in the Pub car park and last one just as we packed up to go to the Pub.


Beer barrels. IR shoot, 40mm, f8, iso 400.

More beer.  IR, 8mm, f5.6, iso 400.

Two shoots merged together.  Canon 6D, 24-105mm f8, iso100, 40 sec.

Low light workshop - Melbourne Photographic Society

I will be running a workshop tomorrow night on using low light photography.

Low light photography workshop – Get creative in the dark.

This hands on workshop shop will cover techniques that will open up the world of low light photography. We will cover fun and creative skills such as light graffiti, using flash stencils, making light orbs and creating pictures using light tracing.

The plan is to split into groups to cover the key skills :

1. Light graffiti – we will use torches to draw pictures.

2. Flash stencil – we cover how to make stencils and create pictures using stencils.

3. Light orbs – we use strings of lights to make light orbs and create pictures of light orbs in the hall.

4. Light tracing – by using a single point LED light source we will produce an image using light contours.

What you need to bring with you:

We will be working in groups of two or three, each group will need, a tripod, camera(s), shutter release cable (if you have one, if not you can use the cameras’ self timer), light source to paint light. The light source can be any type of torch; good ones to use are small maglights or single LED’s, but any small torch will do.

Trying out Fuji x100

Just got a lovey Fuji x100.  I have been after one for some time as it offers all I need in a small camera and I love the viewfinder and retro style.