Derby Walk - Melbourne Photographic Soc

Last night I went to a Melbourne Photo Soc meet in Derby.  We meet up to take some shoots around the Cathedral and surrounding streets.   Due to the overcast sky and flat light we spent a fair amount of time complaining about the quality of the light, it must be that the old proverb is ture:

if more than two photographers gather to take photos they must past comment on the poor light

I guess it's like farmers complaining the weathers' not right.

 My best shoots came right at the start of evening and right at the end.  The starting pic was taken in the Pub car park and last one just as we packed up to go to the Pub.


Beer barrels. IR shoot, 40mm, f8, iso 400.

More beer.  IR, 8mm, f5.6, iso 400.

Two shoots merged together.  Canon 6D, 24-105mm f8, iso100, 40 sec.