Low light workshop - Melbourne Photographic Society

I will be running a workshop tomorrow night on using low light photography.

Low light photography workshop – Get creative in the dark.

This hands on workshop shop will cover techniques that will open up the world of low light photography. We will cover fun and creative skills such as light graffiti, using flash stencils, making light orbs and creating pictures using light tracing.

The plan is to split into groups to cover the key skills :

1. Light graffiti – we will use torches to draw pictures.

2. Flash stencil – we cover how to make stencils and create pictures using stencils.

3. Light orbs – we use strings of lights to make light orbs and create pictures of light orbs in the hall.

4. Light tracing – by using a single point LED light source we will produce an image using light contours.

What you need to bring with you:

We will be working in groups of two or three, each group will need, a tripod, camera(s), shutter release cable (if you have one, if not you can use the cameras’ self timer), light source to paint light. The light source can be any type of torch; good ones to use are small maglights or single LED’s, but any small torch will do.